Charlotte's debut book the lost horse will be publishing with Hachette in August 2022

"Two sisters, born wild and free to graze and gallop with their herd, live peacefully on a prairie they’ve called home for generations. One day, a greedy human has another plan for their land, and they are chased into the desert. What will our brave young friend do when she finds herself homeless and separated from her sister?

From debut author-illustrator Charlotte Manning comes this compassionate and urgent call to understand the plight of so many refugees forced to flee their homes, and torn from family along the way.

Suitable for young readers aged 5 and older as a thoughtful introduction to or discussion of this subject."

Hello, I’m Charlotte. I recently graduated from Cambridge School of Art's Children's Book Illustration MA.

I like to work with mixed media, painting and pochoir, to create illustrations of animals and nature, my favourite environment to create is the woods. I get a lot of inspiration from my time spent growing up in the countryside. I enjoy creating characters out of animals I find funny and interesting — my top animal to draw is bears.

In my spare time I like to go on walks by the river, watch films and spend time with my guinea pigs.

You can see my work in the WIA2020 Showcase Children’s Publishing Category Highlights here:

World Illustration Awards 2020 shortlisted artist

Communication Arts Illustration Competition 2020 shortlisted artist